Lisa Piccione, President International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA)

On 8 November 2017 you are going to kick off IAWA’s 29th Annual Conference. What convinced you to meet in Berlin this year?

IAWA is a global organization, and each year we hold the Annual Conference in a different region. Over the past few years, the IAWA Annual Conference has been held in Montreal, Dubai, Seattle and Panama City. IAWA is delighted to be back in Europe this year.

Aviation and aerospace are growing in Germany, and we look forward to bringing leaders from around the world to Berlin.

You have chosen the Hilton Berlin as the home for your convention. Why?

The hotel conference facilities work well for a conference of this size, and it is centrally located in Berlin.

What is the social and cultural resonance of your conference?

IAWA is an international organization for women who hold positions of impact in the aviation and aerospace industry. Founded in 1988, IAWA brings together women of achievement and promotes their advancement throughout the world. IAWA is also committed to reaching out to the next generation of women leaders through scholarship, internship and mentoring programs. IAWA will also present our 2017 scholarship recipients at the Annual Conference in Berlin.

For those delegates who cannot join you in Berlin, can they participate remotely / via social media?

For those who are unable to attend, our communications team will be providing live updates via social media.

What are currently the main challenges for IAWA as an association, as well as for the congress?

In 2017, IAWA members are in 40 countries and represent every segment of aviation and aerospace. As the network expands, IAWA continues to enhance how we bring people together in this dynamic international industry and provide important tools and resources to our members around the world.

IAWA is a non-profit association providing a worldwide network dedicated to promoting the advancement of women in the aviation and aerospace industries at all levels across the globe. IAWA sponsors informative meetings, hosts receptions and connects, publishes newsletters, and keeps its members updated on the latest industry developments.


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