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September 2018 President's Message

2018 continues to be an extraordinary year for IAWA as our message keeps on resonating deep into the industry, and our mission is being supported by more and more individuals and organizations. To date, in 2018, IAWA has organized Forums in Mexico City and Boca Raton, Florida, as well as 24 connects in Orlando, Dublin, Singapore, Montreal, New York, Hamburg, Abu Dhabi, London, Rome, Sydney, Cape Town and other cities around the world, in line with IAWA's global outreach and influence. 52 scholarships have been presented to young women, and we're working on expanding our scholarship program to impact more students aspiring for a career in aviation and aerospace.

IAWA's members have been participating at different aviation and aerospace conferences and events, reinforcing the importance of supporting diversity in the industry, strengthening our members business networks, and fostering the development of the next generation of the industrys leaders.

IAWA has also been working on groundbreaking projects and initiatives that will have a profound impact on our industry. In July, IAWA became a supporter of the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter, launched in the UK during the Farnborough Airshow. The Charter is intended to encourage companies to make a commitment towards gender equality, with the setting of targets for businesses to work towards, as opposed to quotas that they are expected to meet, and over 40 companies have already signed the document. Katherine Bennett, IAWA's Vice-President Europe, Asia-Pacific, has been at the forefront of this effort.

Early in August, IAWA participated at the first ever ICAO Global Aviation Gender Summit, in Cape Town, South Africa, an event aimed at accelerating the conversations and concrete actions for gender equality in aviation. IAWA members Carol Anderson (VP Membership), and Connie Avery, represented the organization in this important and unique initiative. They addressed Leadership and Gender Equality (Coaching and Mentoring), and Driving Results Through Partnerships for Gender Equality in Aviation; definitely two areas in which IAWA stands out!

Most recently, we have launched another breakthrough and first-ever effort in the industry: a global study Soaring Through the Glass Ceiling to identify and promote means by which the aviation and aerospace industry can more effectively recruit and advance women into leadership roles. IAWA has partnered with Korn Ferry, AIA, IATA, and ACI in this effort, again leading concrete actions to drive change in the industry. The study is scheduled for release in 2019. As an IAWA member, you'll be invited to participate in the survey to be launched shortly. Please help us achieve our study's goals by participating! Your views and experience are fundamental in helping us identify the root causes of any barriers to advancement of women in aviation and aerospace, and to devise the most effective ways to address them.

IAWA will be introducing its 60-minute mentoring program, an opportunity for young women pursuing careers in our industry to connect with IAWA's leadership. The program will introduce each mentee to a senior leader in this global industry for a one-hour meeting. Whether you're a senior woman in aviation or aerospace, or at the early stages of your career and would like to benefit from this program, please connect with us at info@iawa.org. Developing the next generation of leaders is a core goal of IAWA!

Without a doubt, IAWA is able to achieve its mission and to increase its outreach only through the generous support of our sponsors (https://iawa.org/become-iawa-sponsor/iawa-sponsors/), to whom I want to extend, on behalf of IAWA, a heartfelt thanks.  Your contributions and unconditional support permit IAWA to do what it does. And, we are restless, and continue to actively participate and lead the change in aviation and aerospace, in the pursuit of our mission. Our long list of actions and projects advance us, one step at a time, in the industry we love and closing the gap on gender equality.

Finally, our Annual Conference in Memphis is around the corner, and I'd like to give you a preview of what's going to be a fantastic celebration of IAWA's 30th anniversary.

Our Conference Planning Committee has been working tirelessly for months to put together an unforgettable event. The program includes a perfect balance between the industry's most relevant topics, leadership and professional development. We have lined-up exceptional speakers -all leaders in their fields- to address those topics. TedTalk-style presentations, networking opportunities to expand your business and personal connections, and fun are also part of the offering we'll have for you in Memphis.

If you've attended other IAWA conferences, you know about the warmth and camaraderie that distinguishes our event, and the high quality of the conversations on aviation and aerospace that are held. If you have not attended our signature event before, you've probably heard about it and won't want to miss it this year. Join us in celebrating IAWA's 30 years of accomplishments and come to Memphis to Connect, Inspire and Lead. Registration for the conference is still open (https://iawa.org/30th-annual-conference/) but closes on October 15th. There will be no onsite registration, so make sure you don't miss it!

Alina Nassar