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Member Benefits

  • Access to career development and programs at reduced member rates. Programs include regional, national and international events designed to provide women in the aerospace and aviation industry with the skills and resources needed to assume greater and more visible roles within the industry and to serve as role models for other women seeking advancement and growth in the industry.
  • Opportunities to Build an International Network via programs that bring women together, both nationally and internationally, opening doors to an array of opportunities.
  • Leadership Development through IAWA committees and affiliations. There are ample opportunities for members to develop and exercise leadership skills. Advocacy to promote women in the aerospace and aviation industry. For example, Soaring through the Glass Ceiling.
  • Philanthropic Outreach through Scholarships. IAWA awards scholarships to young women pursuing degrees/certificates in aerospace and aviation related careers.
  • Continued Learning with the IAWA website, president’s letter and a variety of webcasts. IAWA provides a forum for the exchange of information and presentation of articles about women in aerospace and aviation and to share views on matters of importance to the industry and to women in general.

Together we build a legacy

IAWA empowers female leaders in the aviation and aerospace industries. 

IAWA has been bringing together accomplished women in all fields of aviation and aerospace for 30 years. Through Conferences, Forums, Connects, and affiliations the organization fosters professional and personal relationships that last a lifetime. And through our scholarships and mentoring program, we build a legacy. IAWA would not be where it is today without the continued support of our members through annual dues and sponsorship of our conferences and other events. Be a part of building our legacy and Connect, Inspire and Lead.

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Member Highlight

The accomplishments of IAWA members are an integral part of who we are. It’s important our members and future members know who has helped make our organization what it is today. If you would like to be featured in a Member Highlight on our social media channels, please fill out this form:

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IAWA offers an opportunity for men to participate as an Advocate. An Advocate is a man, or a person who identifies as male, who otherwise meets the requirements of membership in any other category. 

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Full Membership

A woman, or a person who identifies as female, with 5 years or more of leadership or executive experience in the aerospace & aviation industry.

Full Membership (Government)

Same eligible requirements listed for full membership, but is currently employed by a government agency.


A woman, or a person who identifies as female, who has less than 5 years experience in Aerospace & aviation. Must participate in an IAWA committee.


A current full-time student enrolled in university or program pursuing a degree or certificate in or related to aerospace and aviation. Must participate in an IAWA committee.


How long will my application take to be accepted? Applications are reviewed on a timely basis twice per month. You will receive notice no later than 30 days from your submission.

I used to be a member, but forgot to renew. How do I renew? If your IAWA membership has lapsed over a year, your membership may have been terminated and you'll be unable to renew directly by logging in. Please contact us directly at info@iawa.org or call 202-960-3900 to receive a new direct link.

Can I participate on an IAWA Committee if I am not a member? Yes, if you're not elibigle for IAWA membership but are interested in participating as a committee member you are welcome to do so. Visit the committee webpage to learn more and sign-up for the committee(s) that interest you.

Can I attend events if I am not a member? Yes, our in-person and virtual events are open to all. Members may receive a discount to certain events and the Annual Conference. 

If you have any further questions, please contact IAWA directly at info@iawa.org or at 202-960-3900.

Member Testimonial


Katherine Ayre

CEO & Aviation Lawyer 


Every year, if I am able, I attend IAWA's Annual Conference. It gives me a professional boost to be surrounded by so many women who have had a similar professional trajectory in an industry we all love. In the years that I am not able to attend, I notice a decrease in my overall motivation to stay on course.

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