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Mentoring Program

IAWA’s commitment to an investment in the next generation of women leaders is central to our mission to Connect, Inspire and Lead.  IAWA volunteers dedicate a tremendous amount of time over the course of each year to advancing IAWAs NextGen programs (scholarship, internship and mentoring) and working with outstanding young women who are poised to make a difference in the future of the industry. 

The goals for the Mentoring Program include enabling young women to see the pathway into aviation as a career; know that others are supporting their career, and we hope this will result in member’s achieving their goals.  

Our vision for the Mentoring Program extends beyond the great achievements gained by developing the next generation of leaders in our industry.  The investment that IAWA is making in the Mentoring Program can transform how the organization is viewed by many – truly as leaders in the way that we engage our network.  With this process, we are not only hoping to further engage our members, but to also highlight their great work and advance IAWA’s growing global network.  

If you are interested in participating as a Mentee, please apply through the link below after reading the Mentoring Program’s detailed FAQs. Your completed application will be carefully reviewed by our Mentoring Committee to determine if we are a right fit for your career needs.  If our Mentoring Program is a fit for you, the Mentoring Committee will send you an email notifying you how to enroll through a separate, non IAWA program that can be accessed through that program’s website and an app on your smart phone and device. Please note, you must be an IAWA Apprentice or Scholar member to participate as a Mentee.

Who can become a Mentor?  Only IAWA Members that have served in a leadership role for at least five (5) years may serve as Mentors in this program. If you are an IAWA Member interested in serving as a Mentor in the program, please reach out to info@iawa.org

Why should I join this program? Have all your questions answered here.

IAWA has a Mentoring Committee, who helps to identify new opportunities to implement these programs, and identify new opportunities to reach out to the next generation of women leaders. If you would like to be part of this Committee or have any questions about the programs, please contact us at info@iawa.org.

IAWA Mentoring Program Receives Grant from the ISTAT Foundation

The IAWA Mentoring program recently received a $7,300 grant from the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Foundation to support the Qooper platform which is used to facilitate the program. The IAWA Mentoring Program is powered by IAWA members who serve as Mentors and is facilitated by a software platform (Qooper) that is utilized by Fortune 1000 companies (Google and Merck), universities (Brown University), and associations (Venture for America.) By choosing the Qooper platform to facilitate the administration of the program, IAWA is making a tangible investment in strengthening the experiences of our Members to achieve the Mission and Goals of the program.

Good mentors share lessons from their experience. Great mentors help you crystallize lessons from your experience.

Good mentors give useful answers. Great mentors help you ask better questions.

Good mentors walk you through their path. Great mentors help you identify your path.