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IAWA Second Annual European Forum

With just over 150 people from around the world that attended the second annual IAWA European Leadership Forum in London, the forum was a huge success! Rising high above the River Thames, the day started with an opening keynote address from Catherine Adams, Acting Photographs courtesy of www.wemakepictures.co.uk Director of Aviation at the Department for Transport, with a talk about the importance of women in aviation and how talent retention is key. Setting the tone for the day, Catherine was followed by a very inspiring talk from Liz Sparrow, Member of the British Gliding Team who encouraged women to consider alternative opportunities for recreational activities, a highlight from Liz’s talk was that a child once said to one of her female pilot friends that they ‘didn’t know men could be pilots!’ after discovering their father was also a pilot. Click here to read more and view photos from the event.