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Scholarship Recipient - Jemimah Maina

Jemimah is currently pursuing an MSc in Airport Planning and Management at Cranfield University's School of Air Transport and Management. Her academic journey began with a Bachelor of Commerce in Operations Management from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Prior to her current studies, Jemimah gained valuable experience working in the Operations and Safety Department's customer service section at the Kenya Airports Authority. This role provided her with insights into the intricacies of airport operations and the importance of prioritizing passengers' experiences.

For her master's thesis, she focused on enhancing passengers' experiences by optimizing travel processes, improving efficiency, and embracing digital transformations. By addressing capacity constraints and striving for airport excellence, she aims to contribute positively to the aviation industry.

Jemimah feels being selected as a recipient of a scholarship from the International Aviation Women's Association (IAWA) is both an honor and an incredible opportunity. It not only supports her academic pursuits but also enables her to connect, inspire, and lead within the aviation industry. She is grateful for this assurance that she will be able to complete my master's program, further my career, and make meaningful contributions to the industry.

Coming from a humble background as an African village woman, Jemimah has encountered numerous obstacles and limitations. However, her determination and resilience has enabled her to pursue advanced education at one of the reputable universities in the aviation industry. This scholarship is a dream come true, serving as an inspiration to others that with goodwill, focus, determination, and resilience, it is possible to acquire high-quality education and pass on the knowledge to the next generation.

In a traditionally male-dominated field like aviation, it is essential for women to equip themselves with the right skills and seize leadership positions without prejudice. Jemimah is committed to this cause and immensely grateful to IAWA for this opportunity to make a difference.